A conversation in the garden

“How’s that new student of yours doing?” her neighbor asked too casually as he shook out the dirt from a head of lettuce.

“He’s amazing,” she enthused. “Sam has wonderful musical expression. He’s a special little boy.”

“I haven’t seen that guardian of his around,” the old man fished.

Lindy turned her head away, pretending interest in a butterfly that fluttered amidst the late-blooming roses. She hadn’t seen Devin either. Not since two Sundays ago when she’d met his girlfriend. Or, was she his fiancée? Janelle had implied as much, although Devin had introduced her only as a “friend.” If she really was his fiancée, then Lindy wished him luck. It’d taken less than five minutes of conversation with the other woman for Lindy to figure out that Janelle was the type who was only interested in a man’s wealth and the expensive things that he could buy for her. And if Lindy could see that so quickly, why couldn’t he? Men, she thought, were so blind, especially when caught in the web of a pretty woman who knew how to flaunt her feminine assets.

From The Return of Devin Wakefield
Copyright © 2018 Margaret Desmond

This post is in response to the Daily Prompt: Flaunt


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