Sweet Grass – Montana Romance Series

Note: The first 3 books in this series can be read and enjoyed as stand-alones. From book 4 (arriving in 2023) onward, readers are strongly encouraged to read the first 3 books to fully appreciate the stories.

  • “A joy to read!”
  • “What a beautiful, sweet, ROMANTIC start to a new series!”
  • “Beautiful descriptions of the Montana setting.”
  • “Well-written story with vivid details.”
  • “A gem.”
  • “Perfection!”
  • “I want to go to Hollister, Montana this winter and take a sleigh ride!”

Compelled to leave Boston as a means of saving her teenage brother—the only family she has—from a life of crime, Sage Dolan gladly accepts the serendipitous opportunity to purchase a small ranch and a restaurant in the rural community of Hollister, Montana.

Sage’s eagerness to start a new life for herself and her brother is met with a few obstacles along the way, the greatest being a rugged, handsome rancher who is not happy an outsider has purchased the one piece of land he and his family have coveted for years.

Soon, Sage is engaged in a battle of wills, but she quickly discovers it’s not a battle over property as much as it is a crusade to unlock the door to a man’s lonely heart.

His rodeo days behind him, Travis Hollister is working hard to establish himself as one of the top quarter horse breeders/trainers in the country. Laid up after an accident, he receives help from an unlikely person—the young woman who nearly bit off his thumb when he found her hiding in his barn on Christmas morning.

A rough road filled with many detours not of her choosing has led Mari Jones to Hollister, Montana. In the welcoming embrace of the small town and a family and heritage previously unknown to her, she wonders if she’s finally found a safe place to land. But the pain and mistrust stemming from a lifetime of being told she doesn’t belong won’t disappear overnight.

As spring warms to summer beneath the wide Montana sky, a man who has a way with horses shows Mari the beauty and freedom that comes with letting go of the past and learning to trust, inspiring her to wonder if he can give her what no one ever could: a place to call home.

“Crown Heart” for Excellence / 2020 RONE Award Nominee

  • “This book is so descriptive of the area, characters, and the action going on, that it feels like I am there in person.”
  • “A real pleasure to read.”
  • “The folks in Hollister are great and Grady is one of the best.”
  • “Liked everything about this story. Glad it’s not the end of the series.”

Grady O’Rourke got his heart roped by Tressa Tanner—his boss’s daughter—the day he signed on as a wrangler at the JT Cattle & Guest Ranch. Ten years down the road, that rope has only squeezed tighter. His greatest wish is to buy land of his own and build a sweet little house where he and Tressa can live forever together as husband and wife. Problem is, Tressa doesn’t see him in a romantic light. Since she was sixteen years old, he’s been the friend she runs to when her overbearing father and brothers get her riled, the friend who listens to her troubles and dreams with a patient ear. It puts a burr under his saddle when she shares things he doesn’t want to know, especially details about that guy from back east she’s imagined herself in love with for way too long. She wouldn’t know that kind of talk sticks in Grady’s craw because he’s always kept his true feelings for her close to his vest. Well, that’s about to change.

Tressa Tanner is in a bind. While she enjoys her job managing guest services at the ranch, she feels the hospitality degree she worked so hard to get is being wasted. Her brother Mack calls the shots in the family business, and he’s put his foot down on many of her plans, including her desire to add a wedding package to the guest ranch offerings. Maybe it’s time to heed the advice from her friends back east and cut the family apron strings. Maybe it means leaving Montana for good.

As she deliberates her decision to strike out on her own, she seeks advice from the one person who has encouraged her ambitions all along, her best friend Grady. Problem is, the more time she spends with the cute, gentle cowboy, the more she realizes that if she leaves Montana, she’ll be leaving him too. Funny how that suddenly becomes the very last thing she wishes.

Book #4 AND #5 Arriving in 2023!

Stay tuned for Book 5 Cover Reveal...

King’s Valley Series

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  • “The relationships and bonds throughout were beautifully written, it was almost like I could feel them through the screen.”
  • “I really enjoyed this series built around the families of King’s Valley! And I’d love to stay at Zelda’s bed-and-breakfast!”
  • “I really enjoyed this sweet, small-town romance and its cast of characters.”

  • “Loved this romantic story about Jessica and Ethan. They both were very good characters and I fell in love with Ethan’s grandmother Zelda! A great book I know others would enjoy.”
  • “Like a romance in a 1940s movie…these are good people and you’re happy when they find each other.”
  • “Pure and beautiful. Just like a modern fairy tale.”

For most of her life, Jessica has played the role of the perfect daughter, perfect stepdaughter, and,ultimately, the perfect fiancée, concealing her true self behind the person she thought everyone else wanted and expected her to be. That all ends the day she discovers that her future husband is cheating on her.Her spur-of-the-moment escape comes to a grinding halt when her car breaks down on a lonely country road. But no gallant knight comes to her rescue. Instead, she’s confronted by a handsome stranger who believes that she’s a spoiled, self-indulgent, high society brat up to no good.

Jessica is only too willing to obey the stranger’s command to get out of his sight. But fate and a mischievous, matchmaking grandmother steps into the fray, and two stubborn people who have been unlucky in love may discover that true love really can change everything.

Ellie Winslow thinks her new fifth-grade teacher, Mr. Matthews, will be the perfect husband for her Aunt Polly. He’s tall and good-looking and he has blue eyes, just like every hero in the romance books her aunt writes. A con-artist in the making, Ellie tells a little white lie to get Mr. Matthews to her aunt’s doorstep. Mr. Matthews and Aunt Polly just have to look in each other’s eyes and all will be happily ever after. Right?

Not quite.

From his early years, Joe Matthews has striven for perfection in all facets of his life. Polly Winslow is the complete opposite of the ideal mate he’s envisioned for himself. Pretty and charming she may be, but she’s way too free-spirited—a chaotic, whimsical whirlwind that reminds him too much of everything he’s been running away from since he was a boy.

“I don’t care if he’s the last single guy on the planet. I’m not interested. Period.”

Joe may have the most gorgeous blue eyes that Polly’s ever seen, but he’s no match for the larger-than-life fictional heroes that stand front and center in both her daydreams and the romance novels she writes. In her opinion, he’s just an average, ordinary guy, and he’s way too neat and fastidious. Besides—no matter how much her fingers itch to remove his tie and muss up his hair—she’s keeping all thoughts of real-life romance on the back burner until her goal of becoming a published writer is realized.

Maybe it’s time for two stubborn people to let go of long-held ideals and perceptions and open their minds and hearts to the extraordinary love that is waiting on the doorstep.

  • “A fun story with cute wit and humor.”
  • “The story is great and the characters fun!”
  • “What a cute story.”
  • “I liked that this romance didn’t rely on jealousy or cheating to increase the drama. For the most part, these are ordinary people living ordinary lives.”
  • “A humorous and interesting story. I give it 5 stars.”

Sparks fly when Lindy collides with a handsome stranger on the local hiking trail. He is rude, overbearing, and ungrateful. She hopes never to see him again. But two inquisitive aunts, a meddling but endearing neighbor, and a precocious little boy will quickly dash those hopes to the ground.

After fourteen years, Devin Wakefield has returned to King’s Valley. The aunts who raised him need his help. But he has no plans to stay in his hometown for long. Unless Lindy succeeds in changing his mind…

  • “Such a sweet, cozy read. I loved all the characters…Wonderful storytelling with a HEA. Would definitely recommend.”
  • “I loved Lindy’s relationship with Mr. Atkinson. It was so sweet and represents a perfect example of how you can make your own family.”
  • “Pure entertainment, and I enjoyed it.”
  • “A breath of fresh air.”

Annie and Jake had been best friends since their childhood. Two peas in a pod, her grandmother had always said. Wherever one went, the other was sure to follow. But when Annie went to New York to pursue her dreams of becoming a successful artist, the invisible string that had always connected her to Jake slowly weakened until it snapped. Caught up in her ambitions, she lost sight of the things in life she’d always treasured: family, friendship, the indelible bonds of love and trust.

Now, her dreams shattered in pieces and her heart cut in two, she’s returned home to ask for forgiveness and to find her true self again. But it may be too late.

  • “This final installment in the King’s Valley series is the most emotional…I’m only sorry that this is the end of a very enjoyable series.”
  • “This is heartwarming story of love almost lost. Supported by family and friends Jake and Annie rekindle their friendship an love. This is an excellent series well written with great characters.”
  • “Loved this one so much! Well written storyline which brought tears in several places! I loved the tree house, the chicken house and could almost hear the cows at milking time! Beautifully written!”

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