Isochronic Tones

I’ve just completed my latest book. It’s 68,000 words long, and it took me twenty days to write. Now I’m in the process of editing. I’m not boasting. I’m sharing a tip with my fellow writers. Actually, a tip for anyone who wants to stimulate their brain and achieve a higher state of mental alertness whether it be while writing or studying. I bet a lot of you have already discovered this amazing tool for yourself. But it’s new to me, and I’m excited to pass it on to anyone who hasn’t heard of it yet.

Isochronic Tones.

The example above shows a 1-second snapshot of a 10Hz isochronic tone. If you count the waveforms you’ll see they are repeated 10 times over this 1 second time period. Source:

I highly recommend the Mind Amend series on YouTube. Personally, I begin my writing session listening to the Cognition Enhancer for Clearer and Faster Thinking. This 30-minute session wakes up my brain and gets the creative juices flowing. You need to listen to it with headphones and keep hydrated.  Next, I listen to one of the 3-hour tracks, like the Study Focus Extended ‘Pulsating Synth’ or the Study Music to Increase Focus: Cognition Enhancer Extended, Orchestral 2 with Isochronic Tones  Headphones aren’t required with all of these. Read the notes below each video for recommendations. I wear headphones all the time, at a volume loud enough to hear the tones but not so loud that I can’t hear my dog asking me to take her for a walk. Also, I only listen to them for the first part of the day (or writing session) before switching to classical music. Otherwise, my brain is too wound up to let me sleep. This is my caffeine.

There are also tracks to help with memorization, meditation and sleep.

You can read more about Isochronic Tones here.

Happy writing, reading, studying, etc.,

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