Sweet Grass-Montana Romance Series

Looking for a sweet escape? Take a journey to Hollister, Montana. It sits just above Sweet Grass Creek and below the Crazy Mountains at the western edge of the high plains of south-central Montana. This small, unincorporated community boasts a population of 140 residents or thereabouts. That’s just Hollister proper; those who own or work the surrounding cattle and sheep ranches in Sweet Grass County boost the numbers up a bit. Enough to get a fun-loving crowd dancing at the Hideaway Saloon or the grange on Friday and Saturday nights. A goodly number of them show up at Hollister Lutheran Church on Sunday morning. Many a tall tale is told at Gigi’s cafe where you can saddle up to the counter and order yourself a slice or two of fresh-out-of-the-oven huckleberry pie. Take a peek in the window of Wyatt’s Saddlery next door to see a master craftsman at work. His wife has a quilting studio upstairs where some of the gals enjoy gathering once a week to chat and sew. A visit to the Mercantile is a must. Don’t mind Samuel Pettersen, the owner. He can be a bit gruff, and he (being the great-great grandson of one of the first Norwegian immigrants to homestead Montana -as he likes to remind those who need a reminder) doesn’t warm too quickly to newcomers. Although, ever since Shawna Johnson arrived like a whirlwind from Atlanta three years back, folks have noticed Samuel softening around the edges. Some say it’s just her southern fried chicken that’s put a twinkle in his eye. Time will tell. Or, more likely, Vivian Jacobsen. Watch out for Viv! Unless you want all of Sweet Grass to know your business, best not to fall prey to Viv’s nosy questions. She’s got a good heart, though. As do most of the folks in and around Hollister. Oh, sure, the cowboys (and some gals) can get a little rowdy now and then. And sometimes bad things happen. But when they do, there will always be a neighbor or two (or a dozen) to pitch in and help. So, come spend some time in Hollister. As Viv will soon tell you, there’s been a lot of romancing going on lately!

Book # 1: That Hollister Man

Sage’s serendipitous move to Montana is met with an unexpected obstacle: a handsome rancher who’s not happy an outsider purchased the land he and his family have coveted for years.

Book # 2: Trusting Travis

A Montana cowboy who has a way with horses shows a Louisiana girl trapped in her fears the freedom of letting go of the past and learning to trust.

“Crown Heart” for Excellence / 2020 RONE Award Nominee

What a fabulous slow-burn romance! This author deftly explores a woman traumatized by life and her growth into acceptance and love. It is expertly handled and emotionally satisfying as the reader follows Mari’s character from her extreme shyness to a woman who can allow her beauty to shine without as well as within. The kindness in her and in the people of this small town is both refreshing and endearing. It is the perfect book for anyone who loves small-town romance, horses, sexy, hardworking cowboys, real and honest people and a sweet but rich story that leaves one sighing with pleasure as the last page closes. -InD’tale Magazine

Book # 3: The Wrangler’s Wish

Grady’s greatest wish is to buy land of his own and build a sweet little house where he and Tressa can live forever together as husband and wife. Problem is, Tressa doesn’t see him in a romantic light. Well, that’s about to change.

Book # 4 & #5 Arriving in 2022!

Stay tuned for Book 5 Cover Reveal...

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