King’s Valley Romance Series

King’s Valley is a smallish, fictional town loosely based on my hometown of Petaluma, California, as well as the little towns (they used to be anyway!) of Sebastopol and Tomales. My great-great maternal grandfather immigrated to Petaluma from the Azores in the 1860s. His last name was lost in translation during the immigration process and became “King.” Thus, King’s Valley. My grandmother and her sister—who were the “belles of the town” in their heyday—were fondly referred to as Bert and Jo; I couldn’t resist naming the Wakefield sisters (who appear in every book) after them. Although the main focus of these books is the Romance, other entertaining characters and subplots interweave throughout the series. I enjoy including secondary characters in my stories who are in their 70s, 80s and beyond. They are largely drawn from childhood memories of my grandparents, great-aunts and uncles. I honor their wisdom, work ethic and integrity, as well as their wonderful sense of humor and spirit of adventure.

Come spend some time in King’s Valley!

Book # 1: Ethan’s Bride

A runaway bride. A handsome, unsympathetic stranger. A mischievous, matchmaking grandma. A heartwarming, fun, small-town romance.

Book # 2: Her Ordinary Joe

She thinks he’s way too reserved and fastidious. He thinks she’s way too whimsical and free-spirited. A little white lie kicks off this hilarious “opposites attract” romance.

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Book # 3: The Return of Devin Wakefield

He’s come back to his hometown but not for good. Can she change his mind?

The relationships and bonds throughout were beautifully written, it was almost like I could feel them through the screen. Wonderful storytelling with a HEA.” —Amazon reviewer

Book # 4: Annie and Jake

She got lost on her journey to success and broke his heart along the way. A sweet romance about second chances and the power of forgiveness and love.

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