That Hollister Man


“You’re wasting your time with that one. Got his heart broke. Nothing and no one will ever fix it.”

Compelled to leave Boston as a means of saving her teenage brother—the only family she has—from a life of crime, Sage Dolan gladly accepts the serendipitous opportunity to purchase a small ranch and a restaurant in the rural community of Hollister, Montana.

Sage’s eagerness to start a new life for herself and her brother is met with a few obstacles along the way, the greatest being a rugged, handsome rancher who is not happy that an outsider has purchased the one piece of land he and his family have coveted for years.

Soon, Sage is engaged in a battle of wills, but she quickly discovers that it’s not a battle over property as much as it is a crusade to unlock the door to a lonely man’s heart.

Book One in the Sweet Grass – Montana Romance series, this story is a stand-alone with a HEA and no cliff-hangers.

Here’s what reviewers are saying about That Hollister Man:

  • “A joy to read!”
  • “What a beautiful, sweet, ROMANTIC start to a new series!”
  • “Beautiful descriptions of the Montana setting.”
  • “Well-written story with vivid details.”
  • “A gem.”
  • “Perfection!”
  • “I want to go to Hollister, Montana this winter and take a sleigh ride!”

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