Coming Attractions



Montana Series (Series name TBD)

I’m currently working on Book One in a new series set in Montana. I live in Montana. I also lived on the east coast for a few years. Three years in Rhode Island and two years just outside of Boston.

This first book in the series concerns a young woman who makes an impetuous but bold decision to move from Boston to Montana in the hopes of saving her teenage brother—the only family she has in the world—from a life of crime. Her journey to a new, peaceful life in the rural community encounters a few bumps and road blocks along the way, the biggest impediment being a rugged widower rancher who is none too pleased that an “outsider” has purchased the one piece of property he and his family have been coveting for generations. It’s a battle of wills set against the backdrop of a small town with a delightful and charming cast of characters.

Coming this Fall.

Interested in being a beta reader or receiving a complimentary ARC? Contact me with “beta” or “ARC” in the comment box.


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